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Terms and Conditions

Refund policy and booking conditions for pest control fees and charges:

The following conditions will apply if the customer wishes to cancel or reschedule an appointment for a treatment.

Refund policy for cancellations:

Where a new customer cancels a treatment, and a refund is payable, that refund will be paid 50% less or get a voucher code worth the full refunded amount which can be used with the company for future payment.

Where an existing customer cancels, and gives less than one complete working day’s notice between cancellation and the appointment date, we will only refund 50% of the treatment cost and charge the administration fee of £50.

However, no refund will be given on multi visit treatments where a treatment has already taken place.

Refund policy where we are unable to carry out a treatment:

Where an active infestation cannot be found, or a treatment cannot legally be undertaken, e.g. where any necessary pest proofing or housekeeping work is not carried out, a refund will be made minus the booking fee of £50.

Rescheduling for missed appointments or where we are unable to carry out the treatment:

If we are unable to carry out the treatment through the customer’s failure to keep the appointment, or if the customer has not carried out any necessary preparation work for insect treatments, the customer will only be able to reschedule on one occasion. If we are prevented from treating on a second appointment then the treatment will be cancelled and no refund will be given.

Where the customer wants to reschedule an appointment they must give at least one working day’s notice (no additional charge will be applied). The customer will be offered the next available appointment.

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